'Thanks but what's everyone else having...'

-Someone's Grandpa/Dad/Uncle

I often get asked the best way to cut a cake to get the maximum amount of evenly sized servings. I've put together a mini guide below to help you get the most from your cake for you & your guests

Cake Cutting Guide Step 2.jpg

Make sure you have sharp, preferably serrated edge, knife and a flat lightweight chopping board (I have used an 8" square cake board in these photos) Place the bottom of your chopping board on a 45 ° angle against the base of your cake. Slice in short even motions and as the knife reaches approx. halfway, allow the cake to 'lean' against the chopping board as cut through toward the bottom. 

Cake Cutting Guide Step 3.jpg

Once you have sliced all the way through, you should have your 'slab' of cake on your chopping board ready to slice into your preferred serving sizes. 

Cake Cutting Guide Step 4.jpg

Cut into even size slices. Repeat for remaining cake.

 Remember to put some aside for yourself!

I've heard from many a host that they only managed a small piece of left over cake because they forgot the most important guest of all!!